Risk Management

What risk are within your business or practice?

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A Holistic Approach To Risk In The Medical Industry

Risk Management is a phrase that gets loosely thrown around these days, but for us at Agapé, we feel that risk management is the process of getting fully entrenched into our client’s medical practice, personal situation, and even other businesses owned to understand where they might be exposed.

Agapé can address those exposures with treatments of mitigation, policy and procedure recommendations and/or insuring those identified risks against potential damages and harm to the organization’s bottom line.

Risk Management is not a “once and done” philosophy either. While your practice grows and the legal environment changes, so should the prescribed Risk Management theory, always evaluating new potential gaps.

Unfortunately, there are still many patient facilities operating with outdated Risk Management principles. Does your procedures and risk portfolio take into account HIPPA/HITECH confidentiality with it comes to patient records, portals, and the differences in patient rights law and regulation?